So, you need to send out some sensitive information, the kind you’ve spent countless nights compiling; valuable content that you want to keep private:

“financial information, legal documents, scripts, business plans, trademarks, patents, drawings, plans, pictures, music, video…”

“But what happens to it after it’s been sent – has it been forwarded, where is it, who has it now?”

Whether you’re a: businessperson; doctor; lawyer; accountant; writer; musician; movie maker; or running a charity, even a government, sending confidential content, the kind normally sent as an attachment, is a real worry.

ConfiTrack – a solution for privacy & control

ConfiTrack gives you privacy when sending and receiving, plus full tracking of who views your content, when and where (including all forwarding), with total control to freeze, or, if you suspect a breach, to vaporize your content entirely.

Sending in a ConfiTrack Virtual Envelope, via email, text or social media, from any device to any device, puts you in control of who sees your content and who doesn’t.

Send & Receive with ConfiTrack


Put your digital content into a ConfiTrack Virtual Envelope to keep it private and in your control.

Send via website, email, social media or text – your content is protected every step of the way.


The receiver accepts your unique terms and conditions and accepts delivery of the envelope.


The envelope is opened and the sender is immediately notified.

Track & Control with ConfiTrack


Once the receiver has accepted delivery of your envelope you are immediately notified.

You then have choices

If you suspect a breach you can instantly freeze or vaporize the shipment, or…


… you can see all activity in the ConfiTrack Control Center.
Here you can see who has viewed your content and when and where.

Any further activity is monitored and visible in your radar, full ip address of the receiver and the exact date and time they opened the shipment.

You can use this data to harvest email addresses and gather marketing collateral, or react instantly to freeze or vaporize the shipment on any part of its journey, controlling who sees your content.

Healthcare Professionals

Without the trust of my patients I can't do
my job. Using ConfiTrack means that what I
send is safely stored inside a ConfiTrack
Virtual Envelope

- and I control who opens it!

Businesspeople & Professionals

We’re alerted at every opening, every
forwarding and if we suspect a breach
we have the ability to immediately
revoke access.

Your terms and conditions
accepted at every opening

Best practice governance
and transparency

Full audit trail maintained

FIPS 140.2

Marketing & Entertainment

We used to have problems, now we have options.

Once we know who is looking at our content,
when and where they are, we can choose to either
let it ride and harvest that valuable data - or vaporize.

Piracy is now our viral opportunity.

Capture marketing information

Harvest email addresses

Secure and track your

Know who is looking, what was
looked at, when and where

We don’t simply track emails, we
continually track and monitor your
...live and on demand

Corporates & Organizations

I love that our secure communications are hidden
inside a sealed envelope.

If our data is misplaced ( and memory sticks left on trains
and planes is a great example ) we can now vaporize
that data on demand while simultaneously capturing the
ip address of whoever might be trying to open it.

Secure architecture

Military grade encryption

HIPAA compliant

Government G-Cloud
Approved Supplier

Everything is permission
based, no spyware

Consumer to enterprise solutions